Kite Repair Service

Kite Repair Service

Kite Repair Service & Sail Repair

We offer kite repair service for all types of kite.  Competitive rates and 20yrs experience your kit is in good hands. We offer attractive rates and great lead out times, our aim is to keep you flying. With our experienced kite repair service specialists and industrial machines we can offer complete custom builds and designs to meet your needs.

If you need kite repairs or modifications we can help. You can use the downloadable forms below to give us a head start finding the problem. If you are sending photo’s for quotation please send some relevant notes about the damage. Place a ruler in shot so we can see the size of damage. This will help us give you a more exact quote for repairs. It is difficult to price a kite/sail repair without seeing it, but as a guide here is a small list of some repair costs:

If you would like boat cover or sail cover repairs please go to our sister company

Labour rates- £35 per hour standard/Express repair £50 per hour (subject to prior arrangement)

Kite/sail clean – Prices start at £15 If your kite/sail is covered in sand and dirt we can clean your kite. We will not repair a kite which is covered in sand or dirt as this destroys our machines. If you are not including a kite clean in your kite repair service please make sure your kite is completely sand free before you send it for repair.


Small bladder puncture (pinholes) – £5 to £10

Medium to large bladder repair – £15 to £50

Valve repair/replacement – £10 to £30

Bladder removal and re-install – £15 (if you have punctures and do not want to remove and install the bladder yourself)

Main Canopy/sail

Luff tube repair- (Lazer) £30-£50

Batton pocket repairs- £30-£50

Leech repairs- from £30

Small to medium sail/canopy rips and tears – Prices start at £20 depending on access to tear, Foil’s generally more depending on seams which need to be opened.

Full kite/sail canopy rip through rip stop only – prices start at £40 depending on direction and how many panels are to be repaired.

Leading edge and strut repairs (lei) – Prices start at £35

Want to add some graphics, numbers or a team logo, get in touch with your requirements for a competitive quote.

Bridal and line

Bridal repair – prices start at £15

Bridal replacements parts – prices start at £5

Line length adjustments – £30

Bar repair – Prices start at £25

Pulley and strap replacements – prices start at £15

Rope splicing/custom rigging- Varies depending on requirements

These prices are a rough guide and all repairs are quoted once seen, get in touch with the team for a competitive quote.

Email us for a quote or book in for repairs here