Kite Repair Service Contact Page

Kite Repair Service Contact Page

Kite Repair Service Contact Page

You can contact Kite Mechanics for kite repair service via the contact page below or you can email us direct


You can also catch us on our Facebook page here. You can find info on what we are up to and see our latest developments. Team rider Photo’s appear regularly along with team competition results.

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Remember if you require kite repair service you can attach photo’s to the email. Please try to make sure your pictures are clear. Try to give an accurate size of rips and tares. You can place a ruler in the shot to let us know the size of the damage. Let us know the manufacturer, model and year of kite. Knowing the colour for colour matching is also quite useful. Let us know the type of damaged fabric. Dacron fabric is the stiff leading edge fabric on most surf kites. Rip-stop is the fabric used for the main canopy It is very thin and quite crispy, it also has a square pattern to it.

If you require tuning we need a full description of flight errors. Let us know the flight characteristics you are trying to achieve. If there are bridal lines that need to be replaces please let us know the location.

If you require a carbon fibre mountain or kite board you can email us with your requirements. Let us know your riding style. We will need details of your height and weight (fully laden with harness and safety gear) If you have an idea of how you want it to ride, what kind of flex and pop you want to achieve. We will do the physics once we know what you require.

If you require training or lessons, let us know what it is you require. We will then arrange an appointment slot. Kite land board, kiteboarding and power kite training sessions are weather dependant. Appointments are subject to weather changes.

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