Kite Mechanics Team

Kite Mechanics Team

Kite Mechanics Team

Here you will find the Kite Mechanics team riders. The team consists of some of the biggest names in the sport. Competing in competitions all over Europe, picking up wins and regular podium spots is what they do.

Lusia Bodem – International freestyle rider KLB.

The best female kite land boarder in the world. Luisa also a national team rider for Flysurfer is a student from Coesfeld Germany. An amazing talent and prized addition to the Kite Mechanics team. Luisa is a highly skilled pilot with a smooth flow and a bag of tricks to make the best of the male riders jealous. We will let Luisa’s riding do all of the talking.

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Kite Mechanics Luisa B win kite land boarding

Jeroen Pigmans – International freestyle rider KLB.

Jeroen is a great competition rider from the Netherlands, also a team rider at HQ powerkites. He has a great bag of tricks and loves to go big. Jeroen rides a custom Kite Mechanics carbon KLB Uber deck along side his quiver of HQ powerkites. Check out his video here.


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Kite Mechanics, Jeroen Pigmans, kite land boarding

Dale Goodwin – Internation mountainboard competition rider.

Dale has been mountain boarding for over Three years now, he also competes in the ATBA UK competitions. In addition to this he competed at the mountain board worlds. He also competes in UK longboard competitions and outlaws with sponsorship from Never Summer. He has a passion for technical riding and always wants to learn more.

Flip Ribeiro – International test rider.

A little from Flip;

My name is Filipe Ribeiro but most people know me as Flip. I am from northern Portugal ( a small city called Espinho near Porto) and I have always been a board sports addict; surf, skate, snowboard. From around 2005 I have opted to combine those sports with a kite; Kitesurf, snowkite, kite buggy and kite landboard.

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Kite Mechanics Rider, Flip, kite land boarding

Billy – Owner and deigner

A little about me, 25 years as a skate boarder, 20 years as a kite nut, 15 years as a kite land boarder and all round board sports lover. Style is flowing old-school with a touch of new-school. Head of research, development and design.

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