Kite Repair home page

Kite Repair home page

Kite Repair Home Page

Welcome to the Kite Mechanics kite repair home page. we are based in Feltham west London. Providing one of the best kite repair services in the UK. Our knowledge base of  kite sport is huge. We have over 20 years in the kite repair sector. This puts us ahead of our rivals.

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We design:

  • Professional level kiteboards
  • Kite land boards
  • Mountainboards
  • Skateboards
  • Longboards

Use of carbon fibre gives riders the competitive edge. Our knowledge of board sport puts us at the top of the industry. We provide high quality kite products and services without compromise.

The products we design hold up to the most demanding riders. Our carbon decks are proven to perform. Taken to the podium at top world level events. Our biggest love is land based board sport. We have worked tirelessly on research and design, turning dreams into reality.

Our boards products bring new dimensions to what’s possible. Designed by riders for riders. The weight savings and ride quality stands us out from the rest. Low weight makes a board off tricks super easy. Aerial handling is very easy and controllable. Our boards lower risk of injury and it’s extent. Lower rotating weight and leverage cause less damage.  We offer an extensive range of services such as:

  • Top quality repair work
  • Postal Kite Repair service
  • Surf kite bladder servicing
  • Sail repair service
  • Tuning and modification
  • Design of custom kiteboards
  • Custom carbon fibre kite Land boards
  • Custom longboard manufacture
  • Safety systems
  • Kite training

We maintain kites and boards from all makers. We offer great rates and a fast service for all repair work. Contact us for more info on costing and services. Why not follow us on Facebook for competition news. Check out the latest offer’s and what’s in the pipeline.

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